The Ascended Masters Jesus and Mother Mary


An ascended master is a being who through their hard work and endeavors have left the cycle of rebirth, paid all their karma and attained the mastery by themselves.

The ascended master can also be described as a being of light that is not in the body form. Even tough the ascended masters have had many lives just like you; their hard work and free- will have raised the consciousness and vibrations. In fact, the ascending master has the self-esteem of an individual who strived to ascend as well as being surrendered to the own higher self.

There are various ascending masters, both in recent and ancient. Some of their names are recognized while others are not. No matter who they are, they have been in the countless past lives. Consequently, they will be returning so as to assist us during the ascension process. As mentioned above, there are many ascending masters. To mention but a few, the following is a detailed description of The Ascended Masters Jesus and Mother Mary:

#1. Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is believed by Christians to be the only begotten Son of God; mankind’s lord and savior. In reality, he came to Earth without any human karma, making him an avatar, in order to teach humanity to live by his example. Jesus was born to Joseph and Mary.  He ascended into the God’s presence, and currently holding the office of the word’s teacher. Jesus has made the heart to have its golden age.

The entire spirit of the great’s white brotherhood has also stood in readily assisting you to bring it to forth. The peace of the land is also maintained by the hearts of love which are filled love and gratitude of God. Nevertheless, it is an opportunity of incarnating into the heart.

In the inner planes, Jesus Christ is also referred to as sananda. Consequently, He is known as the master of the sixth ray. During the incarnation process, He as a high priest in the Melchizedek order. This is where He had lived as Enoch, Elijah, Joseph of Egypt and Adam. His main work is to bring brotherhood, peace, freedom of people and service. Many people of diverse origins and occupations such as public servants, lawyers, missionaries, traders and farmers are under this ray.

.#2. Mother Mary

Mother Mary volunteered before her birth so as to give birth to Jesus. Mary is therefore called” mother of the world. She is a beautiful and powerful ascended master of great compassion and wisdom. Moreover, she protects children and women and has interceded in healing. She has been related how her father tried several times to marry her off, but, the prospective bridegroom departed faster.

Mother Mary is also known as a third ray ascended master. Consequently, the unconditional love is the pink ray. Mary’s aura is a soft pink which is a white around the blue and a border of mid blue. The ascended masters have a band of the white edge which is at the aura. The level of ascension depends on the size of the white band. When the ascension is higher, the band of white becomes thinner. It can be illustrated that the ascension of Mary is one of the great fortitude and inner strength. Its qualities have taken forward into the life of the master Jesus.




Who is Saint Germain?

Welcome! A lot of people ask me, “who are the Ascended Masters? What is the Ascension? Why should I need to follow some so-called Master? No one is master over me!” On and on. For the truly interested, I’ve created this site.

We’ll start with an Ascended Master known as Saint Germain. There is a lot of information “out there” on line about him, but as with any subject, there’s also a lot of misinformation. The gentleman in the video below is Peter Mount Shasta, whom I have had the absolute honor of meeting. This man is the real deal, and I trust his information. He has worked extensively with several Ascended Masters, and especially with Saint Germain. The video is a little lengthy, but I highly recommend it. You will learn a lot about Saint Germain and his time working with the people of Earth.

I’ll post more soon about other Ascended Masters and their work and lives. Til then, be well and be blessed!