Gautama Buddha

The noble eight fold path is the way in which suffering is ended; its structure was laid out by Gautama Buddha. Another thing that separated this man from others was the fact that he contributed so much to Buddhist teachings. What makes me curious is the flexibility of the religion. I wonder if he was able to influence so many people to follow his practices because of his status. I am sure many followed him because he was the son of a king. He is without a doubt a positive being, he sacrificed a life of riches and getting everything he wanted for a life of self-discipline which resulted in a much greater and satisfying reward. For Siddartha, that reward was his Enlightenment and Nirvana The noble eightfold path is composed of 8 different elements that Buddhists must focus on to free their mind. The elements are divided into three different categories: wisdom, ethical conduct, and mental development.

Under the wisdom, category Buddhists must discover right view and right intention. Right view is the ability to see things for what they are. Right view is wisdom and enhanced intuition. Buddha was able to discover this by meeting with different people who were suffering. Right intention is a commitment to developing ethical and mental self-improvement. Right intention means that you cannot act or think violently or aggressively. It also deals with good will, which is similar to Christianity.

Under Ethical Conduct there were three elements: right speech, right action, and right livelihood. Right speech is described as a means of attaining moral discipline. This right was self-explanatory; we must take into consideration all of the words that come out of our mouths. For example, Gautama Buddha believe we must not lie, or speak deceitfully. We must not slander someone’s name or speak maliciously. And we must speak friendly and warm.

Right, Action is the second ethical principle, and it refers to doing the right thing. Suicide is especially frowned upon. Other ways to act accordingly are to harm anyone and intentionally do something that will alter someone else’s life in a negative way. Also, you must not act filled with lust because it is said to cloud the mind. If you are following the Right Action, then you must act kind to others. Right Livelihood deals with the method in which one earns wealth. It suggests that we must earn our wealth the righteous way, rather than fall into temptation and take shortcuts and earn illegal money.

The last three elements fall under the subject of Mental Development; they are a Right effort, Right mindfulness, and Right Concentration. Mental energy is what drives right effort; I believe this to be very similar to the effort to be very similar to the right of action. The effort is about becoming kind and acting with self-discipline and honesty. Right, Mindfulness is once again intuition and the ability to see thing as they are. It is the capacity to penetrate impression and view them without obscurity. The eight and last principal was Right Concentration. Right Concentration is the ability to meditate and focus energy on to one specific object. The Buddhist focused specifically on wholesome concentration.


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Godfre Ray King vision of Ascended Masters

A vision consists most of the time in a theory that somebody has regarding to a certain topic and if that is accepted or not by other individuals. Godfre Ray King managed to do more than this when he really started to popularize the term of Ascended Masters.

What are the Ascended Masters you might ask yourself? Well they are thought to be spiritually and enlightened beings. What is interesting is that in the past they were normal humans but they went through a process that is called initiations and its purpose is to transform their spiritual origin.

So basically what Godfre Ray King did was to be one of the first teachers that wanted to know more about this but also offer it a purpose, a reason. The students of Ascended Master Teachings believe that the presence of life or God is given by lower dimensional bodies that manifest in the created universe. Indeed at first this might seem quite difficult to understand but no worries, you will make sense of it really soon.

Godfre Ray King created “I AM” that is considered the true Ascended Master Teachings religious movement. It consists in theosophy and different New Age religions together with Church Universal and Triumphant. What is quite impressive about this movement is that it had almost one million followers at its start and is still active. Over time the number of its followers has decreased. So to fully understand what the movement is about will run through the next information.

They believe in a hierarchy of supernatural beings that are humans who lived a number of reincarnations in physical bodies. What happened is that through times their souls became highly advanced souls and they were able to move beyond different cycles of karma. By doing so they became immortals and they also believe that the Ascended Master believed to communicate to humanity with the help of the so called trained messengers.

This means that Godfre Ray King was not only able to create his own view but also to build trust in so many people even up to our days. It’s quite interesting the perspective that it’s being offered by him and the foundations on which they are build are quite solid.

His teachings were also later one embellished by organizations like The Bridge to Freedom that was known as a form of teaching that had no foundation on any kind of channel message and it was given by a friend of Godfre Ray King.

And of course when anything like this is proposed there has to be someone that opposes it. Theosophists maintain that this concept of Ascended Masters is quite exaggerated and corrupt compared with their own concept. As always conflicts will always appear, especially when we are talking about spiritual things more or less with the religion side of humans.

Godfre Ray King had a vision and he believed in it through his existence, what we do with his teachings it’s only up to us.

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The History of the Compassionate Goddess Kwan Yin


A beloved goddess who often graces the altars of Chinese temples, Kuan Yin (also: Quan Yin, Kwan Yin, Guan Yin) is regarded as the goddess of mercy. Legend suggests she was a bodhisattva (enlightened being) who renounced her right to enter through the Gates of Paradise, when the cries of anguish from those suffering on Earth prompted her to return. Forsaking her gift of eternal bliss, she instead assumed the role of compassionate protector of man. It’s believed that Kuan Yin originated as a male archetype patterned after Avalokiteshvara, an Indian bodhisattva, whose story is similar.

The image of Quan Yin as a woman started around the 12th century. This has been attributed to the writings in the scriptures of the Lotus Sutra which suggested that Avalokiteshvara could take any form required to end anguish and suffering. It was also believed that he possessed the ability to grant children. This very likely caused artists of the time to depict the bodhisattva as a “mother goddess.” Her role as patron of women and bringer of comfort to the sick and suffering, further solidified the female imagery. This female representation became the popular notion in China, though some cultures believe Kuan Yin to be a man, both man and woman, or simply a spiritual being.

Kwan Yin is known by many different names. She is “salvation from misery… the great mercy, great pity… salvation from anguish… thousand arms and thousand eyes.” Along with Manjusri and Samatabhadra she is one of the Three Great Beings who possess powers over nature and the animals. Kuan Yin statues and sculptures in China most often depict the goddess as a beautiful woman in white, flowing robes. She is usually seen with a white hood over her head and carrying a vase of “holy dew.” Other popular portrayals include statues of Kuan Yin holding a child, standing on dragon or clutching a rosary. She is also seen in many of the iconic Buddha poses (mudra) such as lotus, earth touching and teaching.

Her popularity has increased over the centuries and she is viewed as a protector of sailors, farmers and those who travel. Especially popular in South China, she is worshipped at temples with the belief that she has the power to grant a family a son or beautiful daughter. She is viewed as a standard of beauty in the Chinese culture and those wishing to pay compliment to the parents of a young girl might refer to her as a “Kuan Yin.”

Like Buddhists, Taoists also incorporated Kuan Yin into their religion. She is worshipped in the same manner and her various incarnations and disposition as the embodiment of compassionate are the same. Additionally, some modern new age movements have included Kuan Yin in their teachings. Many have drawn a comparison between the Virgin Mary and Kuan Yin who share a common symbolism as compassionate souls. During the Edo period in Japan when Christianity was outlawed, many Christians worshipped the Virgin Mary in the guise of Kuan Yin statuary. She continues to be a popular figure around the world as a symbol of compassion and caring.


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