Godfre Ray King vision of Ascended Masters

A vision consists most of the time in a theory that somebody has regarding to a certain topic and if that is accepted or not by other individuals. Godfre Ray King managed to do more than this when he really started to popularize the term of Ascended Masters.

What are the Ascended Masters you might ask yourself? Well they are thought to be spiritually and enlightened beings. What is interesting is that in the past they were normal humans but they went through a process that is called initiations and its purpose is to transform their spiritual origin.

So basically what Godfre Ray King did was to be one of the first teachers that wanted to know more about this but also offer it a purpose, a reason. The students of Ascended Master Teachings believe that the presence of life or God is given by lower dimensional bodies that manifest in the created universe. Indeed at first this might seem quite difficult to understand but no worries, you will make sense of it really soon.

Godfre Ray King created “I AM” that is considered the true Ascended Master Teachings religious movement. It consists in theosophy and different New Age religions together with Church Universal and Triumphant. What is quite impressive about this movement is that it had almost one million followers at its start and is still active. Over time the number of its followers has decreased. So to fully understand what the movement is about will run through the next information.

They believe in a hierarchy of supernatural beings that are humans who lived a number of reincarnations in physical bodies. What happened is that through times their souls became highly advanced souls and they were able to move beyond different cycles of karma. By doing so they became immortals and they also believe that the Ascended Master believed to communicate to humanity with the help of the so called trained messengers.

This means that Godfre Ray King was not only able to create his own view but also to build trust in so many people even up to our days. It’s quite interesting the perspective that it’s being offered by him and the foundations on which they are build are quite solid.

His teachings were also later one embellished by organizations like The Bridge to Freedom that was known as a form of teaching that had no foundation on any kind of channel message and it was given by a friend of Godfre Ray King.

And of course when anything like this is proposed there has to be someone that opposes it. Theosophists maintain that this concept of Ascended Masters is quite exaggerated and corrupt compared with their own concept. As always conflicts will always appear, especially when we are talking about spiritual things more or less with the religion side of humans.

Godfre Ray King had a vision and he believed in it through his existence, what we do with his teachings it’s only up to us.

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